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At the heart of our offerings lies a diverse product portfolio, which can be broadly categorised into the following five areas:


Our pharmaceutical category includes a wide array of both patent and generic products used for prevention and treatment of various diseases. These products cover critical therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular & metabolism, infectious diseases & vaccines, neuroscience, respiratory health, and many others.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines

We provide meticulously sourced OTC medicines that empower consumers to take control and improve their health.


Our supplement offerings encompass dietary and health supplements, providing essential support to keep your body in optimal health.

Medical Devices

In the realm of medical devices, we specialise in in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, including test kits and blood glucose metres. These devices enable healthcare professionals to monitor the status of chronic diseases and empower patients with the ability to engage in self-monitoring.


Our cosmetic products deliver effective skin care solutions, addressing skin diseases and disorders to enhance both health and beauty.