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Collaborative Partnerships

We engage with partners both on a global and local scale, offering personalised and attentive service at every step. Depending on the model and scope of our engagement, dedicated client-service personnel will be assigned as your point of contact. They will be backed by our regulatory and quality assurance team members when necessary, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless partnership experience.



Testimonial for Apex Pharma

Apex Pharmacy Marketing has been our business partner for sales and logistics for the past 8 years. I am glad that we have a strong business collaboration with Apex. As a partner, the Apex Team practices teamwork, excellent communication, and fast responses to situations where we need assistance. Apex Pharmacy Marketing is efficient, understands customers and principal needs, is easy to work with, demonstrates strong integrity, and is a solution provider to bridge the gap between our principal and end customer. Thank you, Apex, for all your assistance and superb collaboration to assist us.

SPG Pharma Malaysia

Apex has always been a reliable and trustworthy partner for Ziwell Medical. As an established pharmaceutical distributor since 1992, partnering with Apex has enabled us to achieve rapid growth. This partnership has strengthened our business foothold in Malaysia. Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, Apex rose to the occasion and maintained an impeccable level of professionalism. We look forward to a long-term prosperous and synergistic business relationship with Apex.


It has been a wonderful journey altogether. We started working with a few products, but now we have many, and the numbers aren't stopping. A big round of applause for all the fantastic employees who made this company incredible. Your team and services have been at the top-notch all this time, which is of the greatest value. May this journey of success continue in the coming years. We wish you many more years of unparalleled success.


On behalf of B-Crobes Marketing, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to APEX Pharma for their exceptional service and unwavering dedication as our trusted sales and distribution partner for HEXBIO soluble since June 2021. APEX has truly become a strong and reliable partner, consistently demonstrating their commitment to our brand and consistently exceeding our expectations. Their expertise and positivity have had a significant impact on our brand's growth, and their relentless pursuit of excellence in elevating HEXBIO in the market has been truly remarkable.
In summary, APEX Pharma has proven to be an outstanding partner, and we eagerly look forward to the continuation of our fruitful collaboration. We extend our gratitude for their exceptional service and steadfast commitment to our shared success.


Apex Pharmacy provides reliable service with a quick response time. Their staff is knowledgeable and attentive to our needs.

Strata Wide (M) Sdn Bhd

We have had a business relationship with Apex for over 18 years. It is natural to say that Apex is our trusted partner, and our experience with the team has been extremely positive. Looking ahead, we anticipate a continued fruitful relationship with Apex that is mutually beneficial and brings the best products to the market.


It was a remarkable 16-year business partnership with Apex Pharmacy, during which both parties nurtured market presence, expanded the client base, and developed a strong brand image for the company through consistent supply of quality, reliable, and affordable medicines to a larger portion of Malaysia's population. We are highly optimistic about our future business partnership with Apex Pharmacy.

Sun Pharma (Ranbaxy)